About Me

About Me

I am a freelance film writer, screenwriter, and script editor, based in Edinburgh.  I have worked on a number of feature film projects being developed in the UK and across Europe.  As an editor I have provided script services to various independent companies and film funding agencies. I also write film reviews for Entertainment Focus.

My writing career started at aged 16 when I picked up a copy of Syd Field's definitive text on screenwriting - Screenplay.  Without knowing it, I had just taken my first step into a larger world, with Syd as my Obi-Wan.

Next thing I know, I've gone and ditched my plans for university and started working full time at my local cinema - the place where I would meet my future wife - cheers Syd!  Jump cut to two years later and I'm enrolled in a film-making degree at the University of Central Lancashire.  I studied hard, made some short films, wrote my first ever feature script, and came away with a First Class honours degree.

I moved to Edinburgh in 2006 to start a Masters degree in Screenwriting at Screen Academy Scotland.  Fast forward a year, and I've got my degree, my first professional writing gig, and a script I've written has been shortlisted by Skillset as one of the best new screenplays of the year.

Since then I've managed to scrabble a living out of word-wrangling.  Sometimes with a day-job, sometimes without.  I've helped to develop a number of projects, both in the UK and across Europe.  I've written screenplays for action thrillers, period biopics, true-life stories, book adaptations, short stories, short films, graphic novels, public sector engagement videos, and even the copy on the back of a whisky carton!

For more info on my past work and current projects visit my creative writing page, check out my film reviews, read my blog or follow me on twitter @j0hnparker


We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master
— Ernest Hemingway