My week in Pop Culture - May 28 2015

It’s been another jolly good in week in the realm of pop culture consumption.  Oh how I love to consume.

On the book front, I finished reading Stephen King’s cracking crime thriller Mr Mercedes.  Is there no genre that this man cannot turn his hand to, and then just effortlessly knock it out of the park?  He is a genius.

I also read Alan Sepinwall’s fantastic examination of TV’s golden age, The Revolution was Televised.  Essential reading for writers and fans alike.

Next up was a foray into classic sci-fi with H.G. Wells The Time Machine.  This set me on a bit of a sci-fi fest.  Instead of going outside on Bank Holiday Monday, I closed the curtains to shut out the cruel sun and watched a double bill of Ex Machina and Moon.  Both excellent.  Both genuine science fiction, brimming with ideas, invention and theories.  And both directorial debuts.  But alas, only one of them features Oscar Isaac disco dancing to Get Down Saturday Night.

So Mad Men came to an end.  A vast amount has been written about the ending, by folk who are much smarter and far more eloquent than I, and if you love the show like I do then you should definitely seek these articles out.

But here’s what I think anyway. It absolutely blew me away.  I’ve not been able to stop thinking about how perfect an ending that was.  Each time I think about that stunning final sequence I get chills. 

A phenomenal work of art. 

John ParkerComment