My Week in POD Culture - August 23 2015

© The Bruce Torrence Hollywood Photo Collection

© The Bruce Torrence Hollywood Photo Collection

I have tweeted about this a few times, but it is so good I just have to mention it again. Karina Longworth's terrific audio documentary about the forgotten and/or secret stories of Hollywood's first century You Must Remember This is absolute essential listening.  If you're a cinephile, you will love it.  If you love scandalous gossip from Hollywood's golden age, you will love it.  If like me, you fall into both of those categories, you will be in podcast nirvana!

I’ve seen some online criticism this week, aimed at both the podcast and at Ms. Longworth personally.  I find this utterly baffling.  Every episode must take so much time and effort.  It is meticulously researched, with Ms. Longworth’s engaging narration interspersed with clips from films, and actors portraying the famous stars of old Hollywood.  AND SHE GIVES IT TO THE WORLD FOR FREE!

Honestly guys!  It’s free for goodness sake!  And it’s awesome!  If it wasn’t for this podcast I would never have heard Frank Sinatra singing about Uranus; or learned about the link between Judy Garland’s death and the Stonewall riots; or the horrifying fact that Elizabeth Taylor had to fish Montgomery Clift’s teeth out of his throat to prevent him from choking to death after a terrible car accident.

You must listen to this podcast.

On a completely different topic, how will you be preparing for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens?  Watching all 6 movies back to back?  In release order?  In episode order?  Eschewing the prequels completely? Watching them in machete order?  Something else entirely?  I'd love to know, so please comment or tweet at me.

I'll probably go original theatrical trilogy only, watching my trusty 2008 DVD release of the “special” editions with the unaltered films as a bonus feature. Grainy as fuck, but that's how I like it!

In the meantime I have started listening to the nerdiest/most awesome podcast of all time - the Star Wars Minute.  As they say on their website "each daily episode is devoted to one single minute of the Star Wars movies, in order, beginning to end."  I'm currently up to minute 51 of the first film.  In the time it's taken me to listen to these episodes, I probably could have watched all 6 films, but I don't care, because I LOVE IT!!

The description of Admiral Motti as "the Death Star's Pete Campbell" is probably my favourite cross-pop-culture reference of all time!

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