Current Projects/In Development

THE ISLE - spec screenplay / drama
A coming-of-age story, set on a remote Scottish Isle, against the backdrop of a mysterious global event.

SAY HELLO TO NEVER - horror novel
Gothic crime novel set in contemporary Edinburgh, following three disparate characters, drawn into a terrifying underground world that none of them knew existed.

RENEGADE - feature film / action thriller
Currently in development with RobRoy Films Ltd (UK), Zero Fiction Film (Germany) and Götefilm (Sweden). Renegade tells the violent and shocking true story of the Biker Gang Wars that plagued Scandinavia in the 80's and 90's.

THE PAPER MAN  - feature film / biopic
Originally developed with Satelfilm (Austria), this is now a spec project, based on the life of legendary footballer, Mathias Sindelar. Currently at treatment stage.

Previous Work

INNOCENT - feature film / thriller / true-life
The harrowing true story of Shirley Mckie, the police detective whose life was destroyed due to her refusal to cover up the truth. Adapted from the book - The Price of Innocence.

THE LINE - feature film / drama
The lives of a border patrolman and a young Mexican migrant family become tragically entwined. Shorlisted by Skillset as one of the best new screenplays of the year.

COLLISION - short film
First in a proposed series of short films aimed at teenagers, dealing with a range of current social issues. Produced by Lime Media.

Script Development

As well as working on my own projects, I have helped with the development of a number of other projects for various media.

I have worked as a SCRIPT READER, writing coverage for individual clients, funding agencies and production companies.

As a SCRIPT EDITOR, I have worked with independent production companies, directors, producers and other writers to provide insightful critique and analysis for projects at various stages of development.

Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.
— Larry L. King