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Wonder Woman 1984 review

(This is very much an immediate-response capsule review having just finished watching the film. I might revisit it with a longer, more considered review when it arrives on Blu-ray later in the year. But for are my thoughts)


If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman (2017) and you’re looking for more of the same, you’ll be very disappointed. This is an ambitious departure from the original, but not anywhere near as successful.

The pacing and structure are all over the place. The first film had such focus, and wide-eyed charm. This has been jettisoned in favour of chaotic storytelling and a very surprising melancholic tone. The tagline for WW84 could have been “3 very sad people make a series of very bad decisions”.

Then there’s the “silly factor” to contend with. Now, all superhero movies are inherently silly, even the serious ones, so it’s hard to criticise WW84 on those grounds. But wow, does this get silly! Like, wtf is happening right now levels of silly.

When a film manages to simultaneously evoke Bruce Almighty, Batman Forever, and Thundercats, you know something somewhere has gone awry.

The posters were nice though.


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